Different Strategy Games Online

Strategy games are a staple of PC gaming, and while mobile can’t quite compete with that in terms of scale, there are plenty of fantastic titles available that can keep you on the edge of your seat for hours at a time. From remasters of classics like Company of Heroes to striking out with new IPs, there are tons of options out there that can provide the perfect balance between strategy and gameplay that keeps your brain busy for long periods of time.

Into the Breach

This rogue-like is one of those strategy games that asks you to make a series of decisions in each battle, balancing your resources, your enemies and their abilities against the need to horde and build up for the next turn. It doesn’t waste a moment in the campaign, and its pacing is carefully designed to keep you engaged throughout. You can play the campaign in single-player mode or against a friend in a multiplayer match, so there’s something for everyone.

Bad North

The physics of space combat are a tough one to nail, but this game manages it surprisingly well. Its asymmetric combat – one faction is on the ground, while another is in orbit – makes it feel like you’re flying through a vast galaxy rather than firing missiles on a 2D field. And the fact that you can customise every aspect of your ship – from the colour scheme to the names of your crew members – ensures that there is always a degree of narrative dynamism at play, as you whittle away at an ever-increasing number of enemies in each battle.

Total War: Medieval II

The best Total War games aren’t just a collection of tower defence maps, and this Android port doesn’t cut any content from the original – it also boasts a whole host of UI tweaks for comfortable play on mobile. The game’s controls work perfectly on a touch screen, and the huge variety of units and buildings to choose from will leave you feeling like you’re in an ancient world.

Company of Heroes

As a mobile remaster, the pacing in Company of Heroes is superbly well handled and the sheer variety of nations and their different strengths and weaknesses is incredible. With each mission lasting a couple of months, there’s enough here to keep you coming back for more than a few rounds.

Endless Legend

Aside from being a massively enjoyable multiplayer RTS, Endless Legend is also a fascinating simulation of the history of ancient warfare, which can provide a compelling and unique backdrop to your battles. There are a huge number of factions to choose from, and the way they interact with each other gives you a whole new perspective on the world around you.

Men of War

This is another game that takes the real-time tactical genre to a completely new level. Its full-scale world simulates all aspects of the battlefield, from the hats on your soldiers’ heads to the components in their vehicles and the equipment they carry. The individual hats in particular are a delight, and the amount of personality that’s thrown into each unit is staggering. This is an RTS that’s not afraid to poke fun at itself, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of that kind of game.

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